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Employment Opportunities

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Camp Canada

Camp Canada - The best summer camp jobs in Canada  


Tick Canada off your bucket list this summer by spending it working and living abroad at summer camp!


Get a taste of Canadian culture, explore your new surroundings and teach what you love for 8-10 weeks. All whilst making new friends from all over the world. Plus there are no program fees! 


For more details please visit our website 

Camp Leaders

The ultimate American summer camp job.


9 weeks at camp. 30 days of free travel time. New friends from around the world. Earn $1900 or more.

At camp, you'll overcome new challenges, build new skills, explore new places, and meet new people - and you'll help your campers do the same.

If you're adventurous, want to see the world and are looking to do something meaningful with your summer and then camp is for you.

For more details please visit our website 

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Small Earth 

The home of life-changing cultural exchange adventures.

If you're looking for work and travel programs that push you out of your comfort zone, allow you to experience jaw-dropping destinations, and build life-long friendships, then your journey starts here with Smaller Earth.

Work and travel in- 

- Japan

- South Korea

- China

- Canada


- New Zealand 

- Plus more

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