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Student Voice

Student Voice is all about ensuring that all students feel increasingly included and represented. This page will provide information on several methods for making your voice known!


The Union is always working behind the scenes to ensure that your desired actions and thoughts are communicated to the appropriate people and places. Simultaneously, the Union strives to connect with students as quickly and as thoroughly as the process allows. 

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When and where




More info to be released

Staff Contacts

Here are the main student relevant staff members and contact information. However, it is advised that students contact the appropriate SU officer before contacting staff, since officers can smooth out and shorten the process. 

Student Life


Marie Bettini

Marie works in the Student Life Team, you can find her at First Point every day!

Events Coordinator

Lowri Carini

Lowri works in the Student Life Team, too. Lowri works on setting up events and makes sure everything is ready to go!

Global Experience


Robyn Levy

Robyn works in Student Life and covers everything to do with Global Experience!

Union Feedback

The Union strives to be open to suggestions as well as criticism related to the roles and responsibilities of specific Officers. As such, we have implemented a procedure to allow students to voice their concerns and bring forward criticisms in a safe and appropriate manner, and in a way that allows the Union to adequately and transparently address these concerns.

The full policy and procedure is outlined in the Feedback Masterdoc linked below.

If you would like to provide feedback of any kind to the Student Union, please fill out the form below as thoroughly as possible, and we will aim to respond to any form response within 5 working days (during term time).

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